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13 julio 2013


3D Image Live Wallpaper v2.0.3 [APK]

Creates the illusion of a 3D image when tilting the phone!

3D Image Live Wallpaper
  • Creates 3D effect from any image
  • Includes high resolution Jelly Bean 4.2 wallpaper pack
  • Efficient OpenGL hardware accelerated graphics
  • Adjustable movement options
  • Use your own images
3D depth effect works best with images with strong edges.
To start, long-press on an open area on your homescreen, select Wallpapers, Live Wallpaper and then pick 3D Image Live Wallpaper from the list.
The app will only install on devices that have a Gyro sensor.
What’s in this version : (Updated : Jul 11, 2013)
  • Added support for portrait-only wallpapers (non-scrolling)
  • New tool to crop images (long-press “Use Custom Image” for old method)
  • Fixed: Image not moving vertically
  • Fixed Force Close bugs when loading certain custom images
  • Added App Drawer shortcut - option to remove in settings screen (launcher restart maybe required)
  • Many small improvements
Required Android OS : 2.3+
Screenshots :
Download : 5.1Mb APK

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